Friday, July 12, 2019

Carpe Donktum is....Logan Cook?

I was browsing The_Donald yesterday and saw this funny image titled: "According to CNN, Carpe Donktum has transcended from meme warrior to a being of pure light."

Come on, CNN.  You're one of the top news organizations in the world, and you don't know the identity of a guy visiting the White House?  Seriously???    You have to refer to him as an "anonymous troll"?  Also, why is his face grayed out?  There are plenty of pictures of Carpe Donktum on the internet.  He does interviews!  He's out in public...

Mr. Donktum (left)

Maybe CNN knows his name, but they're scared to reveal his identity, because of the dumpster fire they lit the last time they went after a meme-maker:

Regardless, this got my brain buzzing.  I've heard the name Carpe Donktum before, but I didn't know the guy was still ~anonymous~!  I just couldn't let this mystery stand.  I started digging around the internet, and, yada, yada, yada....  I found a Facebook profile for "Logan Cook" with pictures of Carpe Donktum:

When I Googled "Carpe Dunktum" + "Logan Cook," the only solid result was from the site  The page features a collection of Donktum's videos, images, and gifs, as well as links to Donktum's social media profiles.  However, the portfolio page itself is titled "Logan Cook."

Could it be a coincidence?  Could it be that some programmer is pretending to be Carpe Donktum?  I doubt it.  The Facebook page wasn't recently created--it has a photo from 2015 showing the Kansas City Royals' World Series celebration.  I also found other clues, but....I have to be careful with how I present this stuff.  Carpe Donktum gave an interview to the Washington Post a few days ago where he expressed concern over harassment:
“Where is the genius? I want to meet the genius," Trump said to @CarpeDonktum as the men entered the Oval Office, according to the recollection of @mad_liberals. Both men spoke to The Washington Post about their experience with the president on the condition their full names not be used, since they fear online or in-person harassment.
I'm not here to harass the guy.  He seems nice enough.  I just want to solve a mystery. 

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Jason Khanlar said...

I agree. I didn't want to harass Logan Cook (Carpe Donktum) either, and I am pretty sure that I did not harass him in any way (short of existing, and being able to communicate English language words, which technically may both qualify as harassment and possibly criminal territory given that neither are speech or liberty, and both are incredibly dangerous behavior activities that should be worrisome at every moment for every person to consider worry in any and all capacities), however, when I saw that he tweeted


and I tweeted back


I noticed that within seconds (literally, less than a minute later), he had blocked me. I interpreted his behavior as childish/immature as if to be offended that I mentioned the person he tweeted about, to take notice that he was tweeting about them, and then pursuing guilt trip, victim mentality behavior as if to feel that somehow I am a threat per attacking the messenger type of behavioral phenomena, where he perhaps intended to create bait such that anyone to connect his message to the person which his message was addressing, without @mentioning them, that those persons would be blocked, criticized, attacked, treated as a threat, etc. rather than Logan Cook to behave responsibly and @mention the persons themselves or otherwise behave more considerately to not consent manufacturingly create petty script flipping history rewriting agenda pushing situations to begin with.