Sunday, July 7, 2019

Rivitz's boycott

Breitbart is losing traffic.  Breitbart is losing advertisers.

WaPo wrote about Breitbart's struggles:

I don't have a problem with Breitbart. But other people do.  Other people are salty.

Matt Rivitz is among the saltiest.  Here are Matt's thoughts on the matter:
“Breitbart is in a terrible spot,” said Matt Rivitz, the advertising executive who started the Sleeping Giants campaign. He added, “They can either continue down the path of printing highly inflammatory content and continue to hemorrhage advertisers, or moderate their content to try to win advertisers back, but risk a backlash from their readership, many of whom who go to the site precisely for that content. They can’t win.”
Matt.  You're the one leading the campaign to get advertisers to boycott Breitbart.  You play a role.  And you're not going to stop your campaign.  Let's be real.  If Breitbart tries to change its tone to win back advertisers, you're just going to try and make Breitbart lose those exact same advertisers again.  I mean, look at this tweet which the @Slpng_Giants account re-tweeted a few days ago:

There's a Breitbart headline visible in the attached photo.  (You might have to click on it to see the full context.)  The headline says: "President Trump Notes ‘Great Crowd’ at Salute to America."  Sure, you can debate about how dumb the parade was, but there wasn't anything inherently inflammatory about the story!  It was just patriotic fluff.  Oh, wait...the photo in the tweet also shows a few trending items from Breitbart, one of which is: "Commies Burn Flag."  That's literally inflammatory!  I stand corrected.

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