Saturday, August 10, 2019

/u/AwkwardTheTurtle suspended permanently

[UPDATE 8/19:  AwkwardTheTurtle's account was later un-suspended.]

Reddit powermod /u/AwkwardTheTurtle has been permanently suspended from Reddit:

Here's a larger version of the exchange that led to the suspension:

As you can see, a Reddit user named /u/42turds was acting like a sea lion and complaining about the incivility found in one of Turtle's subreddits.  Turtle got pissed and called 42turds a "deranged fascist nazi piece of shit."  And that led to the suspension. 

AwkwardTheTurtle is a moderator for 2,000+ subreddits, including /r/Art, /r/LifeProTips, and /r/TwoXChromosomes.  He also moderates /r/AgainstHateSubreddits and /r/StopAdvertisingboth of which were created with the goal of eliminating "hate speech" on Reddit.  And of course, the AHS crew have had their sights set on /r/The_Donald for a long time.

I once wrote in the DefaultMods Slack that, if the far-right wants to win the 2020 election, they need to drive AwkwardTheTurtle off of Reddit.  It was a joke, obviously, but it was one of those jokes with an element of truth.  We've all read that Politico article about "The Great Meme War."  If Trump's followers want him to win reelection, they need to control the tone of the internet.  And how do you control the tone of the internet?  With memes, of course!  You can find Trump supporters on most social media platforms, but /r/The_Donald is where many of the popular Trump memes are incubated.

Step 1:  Drive /u/AwkwardTheTurtle off of Reddit. 
Step 2:  Secure the safety of The_Donald.
Step 3:  Post spicy memes.
Step 4:  Win reelection.

Is this truly the end of AwkwardTheTurtle?  There was already one false alarm a few weeks ago, when Reddit administrators accidentally banned AwkwardTheTurtle's account.  (Apparently an admin pressed a wrong button.)  And the term "suspension" seems to leave open the possibility that the decision could be overturned down the line.

In the meantime, Reddit user /u/Awkward_The_Turtle has already been added as a moderator for /r/AgainstHateSubreddits.


Anonymous said...

Well reddit is not sexy as it used to be.. .those crazy moderators are insane. Just join - it's a new alternative and growing fast.

Unknown said...

Unbanned u/awkwardtheturle was a mistake

Anonymous said...

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