Thursday, August 3, 2017

Raising awareness of plagiarists

Yesterday I noticed a few plagiarized articles on Reddit.  One, from, reached the top spot in /r/music, and another, from, reached the top spot in /r/upliftingnews.  

One article had originally been published at SPIN, and the other had originally been published at the Courier-Journal.  I contacted the authors of the original articles to ask if they knew about the plagiarized versions, and both said they were unfamiliar with the plagiarizing websites. wound up removing their article from their website.  The article at is still up on their site, but a moderator at /r/music wrote the following message on the Reddit post:

Copyright Violation/Rehosted content from Spin Magazine - Author of article contacted /r/Music. - Rule 12.
For full details of this rule and all others, please refer to our wiki.If you have any questions or believe that there has been an error, you may PM the moderators.

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