Thursday, August 3, 2017

Does whyme1239 have an alt?

I noted a while back there was a Redditor named /u/whyme1239 who was posting links to a pair of YouTube channels.  The channels were  called "Sports Valley" and "Recorder."

Well, there's another Redditor named /u/dkfjdr who also posted a pair of links to the "Recorder" channel.  Both videos were posted in the /r/ContagiousLaughter subreddit--one titled "Best man's pants fall down during ceremony" and one titled "BackFlip."

Furthemore, /u/dkfjdr posted a link to a YouTube channel called Leura Butt in the /r/space subreddit.  That video was titled "Could you imagine ever being more confused than a frog in zero gravity?"  The video made it to the top of /r/space and now has 215,000 views.

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