Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Deadline removes article about Netflix/House of Cards

A Deadline article claimed that Netflix had removed Kevin Spacey's image from the House of Cards title card:
Spacey’s image is absent from the main menu, which now features a title card with Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood sans husband. (Oddly enough, the actress is striking an identical pose as her next-door menu neighbor, BoJack Horseman.)

The article has been removed, but I saved a cached version here:  My hunch is that the author, Greg Evans, read way too much into an inconsequential graphic.  In fact, when I log onto Netflix, the title card for House of Cards still shows Kevin Spacey back-to-back with Robin Wright:

An anonymous commenter added this:
Greg, sweetheart. Netflix changes it’s title boxes sometimes multiple times a day. The fact that Spacey isn’t shown in the title box right this minute doesn’t mean he won’t be tonight or tomorrow. By the way, last I checked, the title box for House of Cards showed Spacey and Wright standing back to back. Let’s not allow hysteria and paranoia to get the best of us, shall we?
Moral of the story:  Don't leap to silly conclusions.   

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