Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Newsweek network, part 10: 6b99k6io0ag1f88l5cc0nv1e3s

 On Monday, I listed several domains that were registered with the e-mail address

Another domain,, is also part of Music Timeshowever, it's registered with the e-mail address  There have been seven domains registered with that same e-mail address, and I believe there's some administrative overlap linking them together.  Here are the other six domains:

1. -- Offline. An archived homepage from 2014 stated: "33 Networks operates several niche ad networks specializing in specific categories helping advertisers reach the right audiences."  The Portfolio in 2014 consisted of two sites: and  The company's contact address was 33 Whitehall Street, 7th Floor, New York.

2. -- Offline.  No archives.

3. -- Redirects to

4. -- Offline.  There's an archived page geared towards Advertisers which begins: "Foodadnet is your stop to hundreds of the most popular food websites, allowing you to reach millions of users each month on a single network."  There's an archived page geared towards Publishers which shows the phone number 212-509-0550. An old Contact page shows the address 33 Whitehall Street, 9th Floor, New York.

5.  -- Redirects to

6. -- Offline.  No archives.

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