Friday, February 2, 2018

The Newsweek Network, part 11: 1ifg5bv5lcgr490o6ed5tp8olq

Yesterday, I noted the site "" was part of the 33Networks portfolio. The domain is registered with the e-mail address

Four domains have used that e-mail address:

1. --  The About section says: "China Ad Gateway is the premium advertising network company that serves advertisers targeting the fast-growing China market and publishers with quality contents and dedicated Chinese audience."  The company's address is 61 Broadway Street, Room 800, New York, NY 10006.  Their phone number is 646-688-3228.

2. -- Offline.  No archives.

3. --  The About page says: "IQadnet has aggregated more than 300 sites together, reaching more than 73 million unique visitors per month globally."  Another page says China Ad Gateway is the "advertising brand" of IQAdnet.  The company's address is 33 Whitehall St, 9th floor, New York, 10004.  Their phone number is 646-688-5368.  I noticed a couple job listings on Chinese-language message boards; applicants were told to e-mail ""  An entity called IQAdnet LLC was registered in New York state on August 5, 2014.  IQAdnet LLC has two LCA forms on MyVisaJobs, and Yooshin Park is listed as the company's president.

4. --  The homepage says: "iTADNET is a vertical ad network that focuses on the Tech industry. "  The homepage also mentions iTADNET "is a brand under AdConnects LLC."  The company's address is 33 Whitehall Street, 9th Floor, New York.  Their phone number is 646-688-3228.

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