Friday, January 11, 2019

Jacob Wohl gets BTFO

Yesterday, Jacob Wohl tweeted:
Sources saying Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will resign tomorrow
It's 11:25 PM right now, and there's been no news to indicate Ruth Bader Ginsburg has resigned.  So I'm gonna call it:  Wohl's sources were WRONG!  Which begs the question:  Who were Jacob Wohl's sources?  I think that if you quote "sources," and those sources turn out to be wrong, then you have a moral obligation to burn those sources.  If you were just referring to someone else's sources, then you should make that clear as well!  Jacob Wohl later deleted his tweet (like a coward).  During the day, he wrote a couple other tweets about RBG, saying stuff like:
How can we have any confidence in Ruth Bader Ginsburg's rulings when she's absent for oral arguments? Can we have any confidence that she's even the one rendering the decisions?  
She should retire with grace and dignity. know...hey.  The guy is allowed to share his opinion.

Sebastian GorkaAKA The Gork Manalso tweeted yesterday about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's imminent(?) retirement:
The Gork Man was vague with his timing, so I can't really fault him yet.  Maybe RBG is preparing to step down.  Maybe she isn't.  Maybe plans will change.  At least The Gork Man didn't claim it would happen today.  That being said, I am curious who his sources are.  Are Sebastian Gorka's sources the same as Jacob Wohl's sources?  Do they have different sources?  I don't have sources to tell me who their sources are, so I can only wonder!

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