Saturday, January 12, 2019

/u/PKCockSuck has been suspended

Earlier this week, Vice debunked a fake photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that was floating around the internet.  The image had gained attention on the /r/Drama subreddit, where it received over 200 upvotes.  As I read the Vice article, I couldn't help but notice that they didn't identify the Redditor who shared the image.  They simply said:
On Sunday, someone posted a photo of a woman’s legs and feet in a bathtub on one of Reddit’s most popular forums, r/Drama.
I wanted to know who that "someone" was.  Were they a right-wing provocateur?  A conspiracy theorist?  A troll?  Or were they just an idiot?  I went to the /r/Drama thread in question and saw the OP's name was:  /u/PKCockSuck.  When I clicked his profile, I learned /u/PKCockSuck had been suspended by the Reddit admins!

Alas, poor PKCockSuck
I then visited and looked up PKCockSuck's posting history.  In total, PKCockSuck made four posts on Reddit:

1.  A post in /r/Drama, titled: "A mayo gives his unpopular opinion on da joos."

2.  A post in /r/Drama, titled:  "'chapo users are pedophiles' It's over for Chapocells."

3.  A post in /r/Drama, titled: "MOMMY'S TITTIES ON THE FAUCET."

4.  A post in /r/Drama, titled: "It’s OVER for centristcells."

Three of PKCockSuck's posts consisted of links to other discussions on Reddit.  The fourth post, of course, was the hoax image.  PKCockSuck also wrote 19 comments on Reddit.  I'm just going to copy-and-paste them below in chronological order: 

1.  "You're confusing me with Oingo Boingo"

2.  "It's horrible spyware"

3.  "Holy fuck, am I famous yet?"

4.  "One of my favorite parts about this is they said "someone posted" instead of my username because they don't want to run the username /u/PKCockSuck"

5.  "The issue is when the mandatory curriculum requires things that are impractical in anything but very specialized fields. "

6.  "Can't believe the news cycle is covering someone debunking a shitpost I made"

7.  "Based"

8. "  'posted to /r/gamerghazi'  Hmmmm"

9.  "I have never had to use anything I learned in precalc. All practical trig I learned in geometry"

10.  ""I posted the fake nude as a shitpost. I like OAC and her dancing. Mommy material"

11. "You're welcome"

12. "Fuck off chapocell"

13. "Imagine wanting to live a peaceful life in your island nation when a bunch of fruit merchants start getting saucy"

14. "You mean Max Stirner"

15. "Kingdom come deliverance actually got into hot water over this, but there's no proof of people of African descent living in Bohemia during the reign of Charles IV"

16. "Wasn't an attack. I love her"

17. "Hype for people to paint me as an incel who wants to smear AOC when I was just admiring our mommy"

18. "Why is incest porn so popular now"

19. "You implying conspiracy?"

Overall, I don't think the posting history is too revealing.  PKCockSuck mainly just sounded proud of having his "shitpost" go viral.

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