Saturday, March 2, 2019

Describing Michael Tracey in two words or less

Michael Tracey recently appeared on Hill TV's Rising With Krystal & Buck to discuss Bernie Sanders.  Here are two headlines The Hill used when posting clips of the interview:

Left-leaning journalist: Sanders would be 'formidable candidate' against Trump

News media has sought to 'delegitimize' Tulsi Gabbard, says liberal journalist

It just struck me as funny how the person writing those headlines decided to stress that Michael Tracey was "left-leaning" and "liberal."  The reason Tracey appeared on the program was because he'd written an opinion piece for The Federalist in which he explained why many of the left's criticisms of Bernie Sanders were not valid.  

The full 12-minute interview from Hill TV was posted with the headline:  "Journalist Michael Tracey explains why Sanders is 'formidable' 2020 contender"

Hill TV interview with Michael Tracey
I'm not too familiar with Krystal & Buck, although Buck did describe himself at the start of the interview as being on the right:
So there's some really interesting takes on the left--and I'm saying this as somebody from the right--about where Sanders fits into this whole picture.  

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