Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tim Pool's shoplifting secret

In February, 2018, Tim Pool posted a video titled: "I PROVED STEALING FROM AMAZON GO IS INSANELY EASY."  (Yes, in all caps.)

Tim starts off by talking about the glories of the Amazon GO store, and then explains:  "There is, in fact, a problem, because shoplifting is so ridiculously easy from the Amazon store, I was able to walk out of the store with a bag full of groceries that I did not pay for."

Tim then shows footage he took from inside the Amazon GO store.  He has a bag of groceries and walks out.  "No edits, no cuts," he says, like a magician trying to wow his audience with a parlor trick.  He sits down a block away from the store and waits for his receipt to appear on his phone.  And indeed, the receipt shows Tim only paid for some peppermints.  Tim concludes:  "Shoplifting at Amazon GO is easier than any other store I have ever been to...I have successfully proven that it is absurdly easy to take a bag with whatever you want and walk out of the store and the system will not charge you for it."

Tim didn't explain in the video how he shoplifted from Amazon GO.  However, he later explained the process on his Discord server.  You can read the conversation here:

I actually was able to take a full bag of shit out of the amazon store without paying
and its so stupid easy
no one tried to stop me
i wont make a vid about it or tweet but the discord is relatively small
so basically
steal items from someone elses bag
its so stupid easy
just walk up to someones bag and grab something
i did a bag swap
walked in
grabbed mints
put my bag down
grabbed a different bag
walked out
the other person will be charged for it
then that person will likely just get a refund
but my main point about amazon store is that
they have made it ridiculously easy to shoplift
their system is EASIER to steal from than a regular market
and no one will stop you
they are hoping the honor system works
i didnt steal anything legally tho, I did pay for everything
we used tow [sic] accounts
and I took the other accounts bag
emily filled a bag
then I went in and took her bag
she got charged for the items
So the secret it:  Take food from another person's bag!  Nobody will stop you.  Except maybe the person whose food you're taking.  They might mind.  But ideally they won't notice!

Anyway, I wanted to know what Tim's shoplifting secret was.  And evidently so did a few other people, like YouTube commenter MagicPeaceLove:

Heeeeeey, Alvin307, you son of a bitch, you figured it out!

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