Friday, August 2, 2019

Kamala and Russian bots?

Is Kamala Harris being targeted by Russian bots on Twitter?

Ugh, that sounds like the beginning of a Snopes/Politifact article.  Regardless, I was surprised by the tone of this CNN article by Dough-knee O'Sullivan:

The point of the article is skepticism.  Skepticism about taking claims at face value.  The article also says Harris spoke on a radio show called The Breakfast Club, which is a show I've never heard--but apparently it's a place for politicians to gripe about foreign influence campaigns.

I also stumbled onto this Daily Beast article titled "The Kremlin’s Strategy for the 2020 U.S. Election: Secure the Base, Split the Opposition."

I'm hesitant to read it, because it seems like the type of article that might make me go crazy.  I skimmed it.  Maybe I'll return to it later, after the election.

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