Sunday, August 18, 2019

Here's another plagiarism website:

A few days ago it published an article titled "There's Only One Surviving Blockbuster Left on Planet Earth"
The text was copied from a Gizmodo article from March 5, 2019, titled "There's Only One Surviving Blockbuster Left on Planet Earth"
I didn't see any ads on the DailyAmericanBuzz article, but there was this annoying "Mailchimp" pop-up:

When I tried clicking the "x", a new tab opened up.  The tab went to this URL...
Then it redirected here...
After I'd closed the new tab, I was able to click the "x" and close the Mailchimp pop-up.

I wonder if that's a genuine Mailchimp pop-up?  It seems kind of strange that Mailchimp would have a feature that makes a new tab open in your browser when you trying clicking the "x."

There are a handful of Reddit accounts posting links to
You can tell something is "off" with these accounts.  They'll post a bunch of links to legitimate news sites like and and, but then they'll sneak in a submission to a URL such as and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

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