Thursday, November 19, 2020

The guy behind @CJTruth is totally shredded

I was reading this NewsGuard report about Twitter accounts labeled as "super-spreaders" of COVID-19 misinformation.  One account they highlighted was @CJTruth, whom they described as:  "An anonymous Twitter account created in 2009 that promotes the QAnon conspiracy."   

Well, if you say a person is anonymous, then I'm going to be curious about who they are.

CJTruth is a Bible-quoting QAnon supporter with 255,000 followers.  His Twitter bio says:  "Jesus Christ is Lord! Patriot/Digital Soldier Fighting 4 Faith, Justice & Freedom. WE ARE THE NEWS NOW #GodWon #SpiritualWarfare #Pray714 #Psalm91."  A Mother Jones article from June identified a couple QAnon Twitter accountsincluding CJTruththat played a significant role in amplifying the hashtag #FireFauci.  CJTruth has called Dr. Fauci a "Deep State criminal" and a "Deep State swamp rat," so clearly he's not a fan.

CJTruth is also on Gab with the handle "truthandlife."  His bio states: "Husband/Father Fighting For Faith, Justice & Freedom. Exposing the Darkness & Revealing Truth. My faith is in Jesus not in Q but I do listen to Q."

There is an account named "truthandlife" on the site T-nation.comand, yes, it's the same guy. bills itself as "the world's largest hardcore training site."  It turns out truthandlife is a transformation/nutrition coach named Chad Jackson.  In 2015 he showed his progression from "Fat Dad to IFBB Physique Pro."  

This guy is no jamoke.  He totally got shredded, and he even won a trophy:  

'This is for you, Q!'

Jackson has also been outspoken against Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and he recently entertained the idea of running against Crenshaw in 2022:

What a manly political contest that would be!


Anonymous said...

Sad, lost nutbags, desperately clutching for meaning and relevance. But I can't feel sorry for them. They deserve the fate that awaits them.

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