Monday, September 4, 2017

The Newsweek network, part 3: The Latin Post Company

Latin Post Company LLC was incorporated on December 31, 2012.  It was originally called Latinos Media Group LLC, then switched to Latino Post Company LLC in 2013 before switching to the current name in 2014.

In 2015 and 2016, Latin Post Company LLC submitted six applications for H1B visas, and those forms can be viewed on  The "Employer Point of Contact" on each form was "Johnathan Davis," and his title was "Publisher."  The employer's address was 33 Whitehall Street, Floor 9.

The Latin Post doesn't appear to be doing great these days, judging by this tweet from of one of their top editors, Michael Oleaga:

Here are domains that appear to be part of the Latin Post Company:

1. -- No updates since February, 2016.  The address in the Contact section is 2372 Morse Ave., Ste. 410 Irvince [sic], CA.  The About page says " is a web property part of The Latin Post Company LLC based in New York City."

2. -- Redirects to

3. -- No updates since April 27.  The Terms Of Service page says the material is provided by the Latin Post Company.  The Contact page shows the address "2372 Morse Ave., Ste. 410."

4. -- No updates since January, 2016.  Articles contain links to BoomsBeat.  The About page says "Latinos Post is part of the Latin Post Company LLC."  The Contact page shows the address "2372 Morse Ave., Ste. 410, Irvine, CA 92614."

5. -- No updates since June, 2017.  Articles are embedded with videos from Newsweek Media Group.  The address on the Contact page is 40 Wall St., 28th Floor.

6. --  This isn't a standalone news site, but has general information about the Latin Post Company.  The page mentions five reporters in particular: Michael Oleaga, Robert Schoon, David Salazar, Milly Contreras, and Francisco Salazar.

7. -- The homepage for a native advertising business.  An archived page from gives a glimpse of LPCNetwork's strategy:  "LPC Network is an emerging platform that allows brands to feature their content across hispanic-centric web and mobile media properties in a real seamless and effective way."  It appears the business was re-branded as EasyNative, and the focus expanded beyond Hispanic-centric websites.

It seems kind of confusing that a company would publish multiple news sites with nearly-identical names.  (I mean, seriously, "LatinPost" and "LatinosPost"?)  Then again, I don't have any experience in terms of publishing news sites, so what do I really know?


Anonymous said...

Latin Post has nothing to do with Latins. Most of its posts are mainstream.

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